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Do you have a free or paid-for print magazine or newspaper?  Why not add a digital edition?  

It’s easy to do.  Just email us the .pdf or .epub file when the magazine is ready and we will do the rest.  It takes seconds for you to do. 

And it’s cheap too.  Far, far cheaper than printing and posting a magazine.  Start-up costs are modest.  Ongoing costs are inexpensive.  There is no minimum commitment.  A digital edition can be ready within a month.

Plus, your magazine is put in front of millions and millions of potential readers. Every issue.  Throughout the UK.  And Europe.  And America.  The whole world in fact. Just what advertisers want. 

Your magazine is convenient for your readers.  They don’t have to go and find it.  It’s delivered to them, right into their mobile device. They can read it wherever they are. Whenever they want. That means readership grows.  And as readership grows so does your ability to attract more advertisers.  

Readers can subscribe or buy a single copy.  Once they have subscribed, they stay subscribed.  That grows readership. And there’s no admin for you to do either. 

Your digital edition gives even more credibility to your magazine as a brand. 

And it’s easy to get started.  Just fill click here and fill in the brief form.